What is Tagstar V8?

Tagstar is a competition platform that runs on Instagram.

  1. Take photos


    Instagram friends, selfies, your favourite shoes, whatever! The more creative and spontaneous, the better.

  2. Tag to enter competitions


    Follow @tagstarapp for the daily competition hashtags, and tag your photos to enter the competition.

  3. Compete in photo competitions


    Compete with your friends to win the daily competition. Branded contests have prizes for the top players.

How do I enter a competition?

Tagstar uses hashtags to enter your photos into the competitions. There are two ways to add the required tags to your Instagram pics:

Enter competitions through Tagstar

Enter using Tagstar

Sign into Tagstar with your Instagram account, then tap on the competition you want to enter, and choose the photo from your existing Instagram uploads. We will add the right hashtags for you!

Enter competitions through Instagram app

Enter using Instagram

Take a new photo on Instagram, or find one you've taken recently. Add a new comment on your pic, including the hashtag #tagstar along with the competition hashtag.

How do I win a competition?

3 days

Competitions run for a set period of time. The photo that has the highest Star Score when the competition ends wins the competition.

There are usually several competitions running at the same time, so choose the one that you think you have the best chance of winning. Or if you're feeling lucky, enter them all!


The Star Score is a measurement of your photo's popularity.

It's a secret algorithm so we can't tell you exactly how it works, but we can tell you that the more likes and comments your photo gets, the better.

How can I improve my Star Score?

  • Likes

    Take the best snap you can, so that your Instagram friends will like it!

  • Comments

    Engage with other Tagstar players in the photo comments section.

  • Freshness

    Take a new photo rather than entering an old pic. Multiple entries can also lower your Star Score.